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tv   News 4 at Noon  NBC  November 6, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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rejected to keystone x-l oil pipeline. speaking at the white house today, the president said would not u.s. national interests, and would have undercut the country's global leadership on climate change. president obama also said the pipeline would after seven years of federal review, president barack obama has rejected to keystone x-l oil pipeline. speaking at t white house today, the presidentsaid would not u.s. national interests, and would have undercut the country's global leadership on climate change. president obama also said the pipeline would not have been a long-term job-creator. and he said both sides of the debate had overstated their claims. he said the pipeline "would neither be a silver bullet for r e economy, as w w promised by some, n n the express lane to climate disaster proclaimed by others." the administration 's decision to reject the keystone x-l pipeline isn't likely to be the last word on it. the pipeline's backers are expected to challenge the decision in court.
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and congress may try to override the president, though those efforts have failed in the past. also, the project could get a fresh look in 2017 when there's a new president in the white house. > weather ad-lib after kind of a transition day finally returned and will give us our new norm, the norm for the season that is. highs will this afternoon with some decent sunshine and steady northwest
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we now know the identity of the standoff with police in cherokee, iowa thursday. he's identified as 51-year old james goslar. the situation ended peacefully about eleven 'o clock last night when goslar came out of his house and surrenderred to authorities, who took him to cherokee regional medical center to be evaluated. had been a tense situation after officers came to goslar's home about 1:45 in the afternoon for a call that a man was threatening suicide. authorities say goslar was the only one in the house and had been drinking heavily after being served divorce papers. while trying to get him to come out, police saw a weapon in the home. they then evacuated neighbors on oak knoll drive and called in other law enforcement agencies, including the cherokeeeeounty sheriff's office, iowa state patrol and iowa state tactical unit. the standoff went on until goslar came out late last night.
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we're learning more about a stabbing in rural woodbury county thursday that sent a mississippi man to the hospital. 21-year-old katherine burdett of alabama is accused of stabbing her boyfriend, 28-year-old mark jones, in the chest. court documents say burdett was giving jones a ride to work near sergeant bluff when they got into an argument in the car. both admitted to hitting eachch other during the fight. burdett told authorities the she grabbed a knife and stabbed jones. he went to the hospital with a five-inch wound described as non-life- threatening. burdett is charged with aggravated domestic abuse assault. when jones is released from the hospital, he'll also be charge with domestic assault. six people are dead following an overnight charter bus crash in arkansas. the accident happened around 1 o'clock local time on interstate 40 in l ltle rock. the arkansas state police says the bus was traveling westbound on the interstate when it hit an overpass abutment. at least eight people were also injured, however the extent of their injuries is not known. the bus was traveling
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from michigan to texas with 22 people on board. there was light rain and fog around the time of the accident, but it's not clear if weather played a role in the crash. russia says it will suspend all flights to egypt until security is improved at its airports. this after days of resisting british and american warnings that a bomb may have brought down a russian plane in the sinai peninsula last week. today, new security measures are in place at the airport where that plane took off, but some tourists say the security is still lax. n-b-c's bill neely has more.. > donald trump is back on top in iowa. but barely, according to
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off... exploding around twenty minutes later. we still don't know what evidence there is of terrorism. chatter from isis supporters suggesting an attack, but only after it crashed. and facts on the ground are proving hard to fine. >> donald trump is back on top in iowa. but barely, according to the latest poll. the new cnn-orc poll of republican presidential contenders released today shows trump tops the field with 25-percent of support. ben carson is a close second place at 23-percent, well within the margin of error of four percent. marco rubio draws 13- percent, followed by ted cruz at 11-percent. all the other candidates are in single digits. the g-o-p contenders are gearing up for another debate next week. meanwhile, donald trump is set to host 'saturday night live' tomorrow night. the democratic presidential hopefuls gather tonight in souou rolina to debate. the 90-minute forum will take place at winthrop university in rock hill, south carolina featuring former secretary of state hillary clinton... vermont senator bernie sanders... and former maryland governor martin o'malley.
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which is partnering with the south carolina democratic party. rachel maddow will moderate the forum which is expected to feature southern-specific issues. we've given you a rare, behind e scenes look this week at the constructiti process of the u.s.s. sioux city. the littoral combat ship is beign built at a shipyard in marinette, wisconsin. when she sails into service, the vessel will carry a crew of 95. today, ktiv's matt breen introduces us to some of those crew members who will sail aboard the sioux city.
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thompson, u.s.s. sioux city. "i mean i could really tell that the city was proud to have this." commander kevin sioux city. "just the connection that i've of sioux city that i've gotten to do on the two visits i ie made has been awesome," said ralston. among the men and wowon of the u.s.s. nebraska-native. "i work with radar," said os2 cole lesiak, u.s.s. sioux city. operations specialist cole lesiak was born and raised in columbus, nebraska. the navy is in his blood. "my grandpa, my dad... he was in the navy," said lesiak. "his brother was in the navy, so it's like a family tradition. a nine-year navy man, lesiak is proud to serve his country, and serve aboard the u.s.s. sioux city. "best thing i ever did," lesiak said. for chief engineer kevin rhyne, the u.s.s. sioux city is the fourth ship he's served on in his 18-year naval career. "whenever you commission a ship,
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or you go to a ship, you learn a little bit about the namesake," said lt kevin rhyne, u.s.s. sioux city. "you sort of carry that with you. and, you don't forget it." rhyne says ship's mission is just as important as the name on her stern. "as we bring her to life, it's going to mean a lot," rhyne said. it means a lot to the crew, and to the community with its name all over the navy's newest ship. "we're just really, really happy to represent them," ralston said. "and, we want to do so in the best light possible." >> the u.s.s. sioux city is set to be launched next month or in january, weather permitting. siouxland. currently 48 degrees under a ben says the weekend isn't looking too bad, though. he'll be here with the forecast
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ben, there's some sunshine, but it's pretty
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after kind of a transition day yesterday, our fall chchl has fifilly returned and wililgive us our new norm, the norm for the seasas that is. highs will be in the lower to middle 50s this afternoon with some decent sunshine and steady northwest winds. lows tonight will be near 30 degrees all across the region
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creating a cold start to saturday as temperatures return to the 50s with some brighter skies during the afternoon. winds will pick up on sunday and become strong before calming down again early next week as highs return to near 60 for a few days before rain chances return on veterans' day. see graphics. >> >
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christmas outside nbc studios in new york city. this morning, the world famous rockefeller center christmas tree arrived at the plaza on a flat bed truck. this year's evergreen is about 80 years old, 78 feet tall and 47 feet wide. over the coming weeks, the tree will be decorated with 45-thousand colored lights on 5 miles of wire. it will be lit on december 2nd during a lavish ceremony that will are here on nbc. the farm and financial markets are coming up.... and let the restocking begin. the quarantine is lifted on all of iowa's commercial poultry farms hit by
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ktiv would like to send out anniversary and birthday wishes to our viewers. john merchant of sioux city is celebrating his 81st birthday today. wendell roth is celebrating his 80th birthday today. william magnuson of bancroft, nebraska is celebrating his 85th birthday today. darleen volkert of dakota city, nebraska is celebrating her 85th birthday today. gerald and clarice roder of granville will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary on saturday november 7th. if you or someone you know is having a birthday of 80 years or more or an anniversary of 50 years or more, please send in the ir name (and correct pron), address and telephone number along with their pictures to ktiv. please make sure to have all the information printed and send it in at least two weeks in advance. if you would like your picture returned please include a self addressed stamped envelope. happy birthday from all of us at
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if you think there's no solution to the climate crisis, think again. in iowa, wind energy is already producing enough power for over a million homes, reducing our dependence on foreign oil and supporting six thousand jobs. i'm tom steyer. with bold leadership and an endless supply of wind and sun, we can do that across america. the goal is 50% clean energy by 2030.
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state agriculture officials have lifted the quarantine on all 72 commercial poultry farms in iowa affected by the bird flu. that clears the way for those operations to restock.
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agriculture says today all sites have completed cleaning and disinfection and have had lab tests for the bird flu virus come back negative. commercial farms had to remain empty for at least 21 days before quarantine could be lifted. iowa had 77 farms and 31- million birds affected by the h5n2 virus. that included 35 commercial turkey flocks and 22 commercial egg production flocks. there are five backyard flocks in iowa that will remain under quarantine until next month.
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the stock market is offering a muted response to a surprisingly strong government jobs report, sliding slightly in midday trading. traders are worried the good news makes an interest rate increase from the fed more likely. still ahead on news four at james bond is going after an evil cartel leader.... and charlie brown and the gang are back like we've never seen them before. we'll preview five new flicks in the friday film
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here's a live look at west lake okoboji from okoboji skycam... october was filled with tricks, not treats for hollywood film studios. last weekend was the lowest-grossing movie-month of the year, but james bond is on his way to save the world -- or at least tinseltown. here's raphael seth with the friday film feature.
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he's got christoph waltz in his crosshairs. but little does he know, the evil cartel leader has a hidden link to bond's life. "spectre" is rated pg-13. "i miss you and mother and think about you every day." saoirse ronan trades the emerald isle for the big apple in "brooklyn." she's an irish immigrant fresh off the boat to new york. but when the old country beckons her back for a funeral, ronan must choose between the life she's made, and the home she left behind. "brooklyn" is rated pg-13. "do you think your paper has the resources to take that on?" the pen is mightier than the cloth in "spotlight." this one's based on the real-life boston globe investigation that exposed widespread priest abuse in massachusetts...and lead to a worldwide expose of the catholic church. "spotlight" is rated r. "are you now or have you ever been a member of the communist party?" bryan cranston fights the law and the law wins in "trumbo." he plays a hollywood writer called before the house un-american activities committee and blacklisted. but he still manages to pen several movie classics using a pseudonym. "trumbo" is rated r.
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"don't give up, kid." a blockhead gets even blockier in "the peanuts movie." this classic comic strip gets a 3-d c-g-i makeover with the full cast...including everyone's favorite fighter-pilot beagle, snoopy. "the peanuts movie" is rated g. that's the box office preview, raphael seth, nbc news. >> coming up on around siouxland, a fundraiser in the iowa great lakes region that will impact a lot of lives.
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have a great fundraising auction coming up for a great cause. here to tell a little bit more is mike bunt. thanks so much for being here mike. thanks for having me here. okoboji hog club puts on a midwest christian services fundraising auction every year. there's a lot that goes on for the day. tell us a little bit about it. we have a happy hour from 5 to 7. light snacks and a bake sale, at 7 the auction starts. we have a variety of items there that we have for it. the reason we do that is we take the money from that and put it in a pool, divide it up between the numbers, and each member picks out a boy to pick stuff up for. for the christmas party which we have the second sunday of december. i've been doing this for about 10 years. the person that really got me inspired was another member that's been doing it for a lot longer. he said the first one he did he bought for a kid that was 10 years old. the kid found out who his sponsor was, he came up and gave him a hug. he says that was the first time he'd ever got a christmas present in his
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life. making an impact on these lives. that's the first thing, when kids come there, once they get through orientation kids grab them by the side. they say you got to wait until christmas, these guys put on a really great party for us. that's neat. this fundraising auction is all about raising money for this party, for those boys that are troubled youth, aged 8 to 18 in peterson. why do you hope people will come out to this? we have a really good time. the kids really appreciate it. that is saturday november 14th, 5 is the happy hour, 7 is the when the auction starts at the sheldon eagle's club in sheldon iowa. don't miss it, it'll be a lot of fun. mike, thanks so much for being here. thanks for having me here. thanks for joining us for around siouxland. >>
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>> theresa: what a night, huh? gala and dancing. it was a fantastic wedding,
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